Hi there, NodePDX-pats!

It's been two months since you walked out the doors of Holocene, called your mom, and cried about NodePDX 2013 being over. Well, don't worry. We're still here, and we still love you! Here's some proof:


All the videos. Yep. All of the talks were recorded and the videos are up at http://video.nodepdx.org ... and, as a special bonus gift, we're finally getting around to post-processing and uploading the NodePDX 2012 videos, which if you scroll to the bottom, you will the ones that are ready. I almost forgot how great those talks were. More coming soon.

Extra Swag

I can't believe we have extra swag, but we do. Did you walk off without a stack of stickers? Ugh. Well, if you didn't get enough stickers and t-shirts, do not hesitate to email troy@nodepdx.org and request a gift package. I'll personally deliver it if you're in Portland. If you're outside of the Portland area, fear not, we'll mail it to ya.

Git Tip

So our speakers are freakin' awesome people. They write code, get up in front of crowds to talk, travel to Portland, and are also normal humans in most capacities. Further, you might have noticed that you paid a very low price for your conference ticket. Even further, the speakers were not paid. In fact most of them found their own way to the conference and were not even lavished with gifts of free semi-organic kombucha like you might have expected they would be.

Have you heard of GitTip? It's a great way to give back to the developers who make the software you love and use on a daily basis.

"Yo bro, do you even GitTip?" - Every Hobrogrammer Ever

So here's the deal, I'm guilt tripping you, RIGHT NOW. This is some serious fashion-mag style guilt tripping. You are not good enough, as a human, if you don't go cough up some dough on GitTip for your favourite speaker. I'm serious. It's cheap! Like a quarter a week (you can do that).

Show your love for these folks. Let them know you appreciate the work they do. Give them a GitTip.

To make it easy, here's the GitTip link for each speaker:

If you have ever used a piece of software that any of these people helped to make, or benefited in anyway from what they said on stage at NodePDX, please go give them some financial acknowledgement.

Other Events

Ok, so whether or not you give a GitTip to one of our speakers (which you totally should), you DEFINITELY should come be part of one of these upcoming events:

Nodebots Day Portland


You may have heard about Nodebots Day? If not, let me tell you about it. It's a day-long meetup, wherein we build robots, ostensibly powered by Node.js. This will be lots of fun. It's free, and coming up real soon on 7/27 (day after OSCON).

CascadiaJS 2013


You might have attended CascadiaJS last year in Seattle. It's the grown-up version of NodePDX, for the entire bio-region), not just our fine city, Portland. It's coming up in November, this time in Vancouver, B.C. If you would like to speak at this conference, the CFP is now open.



You might like Chinese food.. and JavaScript. Go to the source, Beijing, and enjoy JavaScript, cooking up some sweet new-fangle-brackets in the hottest wok on the block. I bet you thought you knew who all the JavaScript developers in the world were.. bet you haven't met FengMK2, GoddyZhao, or Charlie Crane. Join us, and explore the vibrant Chinese developer community, and see one of the coolest cities on the planet. If you would like to speak at this conference, the CFP is now open (note: speakers get free airfare/lodging, a ~$2k value).

RealTime Conf


Ok, flying to China might not be in the cards. But you know what is? The best damned conference you've ever heard of, right in your own backyard, Realtime Conf and it's sister-conf, RedisConf. Go learn you some realtime. They'll be there all week.



Join us every month for a meetup where we'll talk about IRC (ok, not really, we sometimes talk about other things like how JavaScript powers our favourite local karaoke bar, flying quadcopters, streams, domains, and stuff).


Come chat with us on the #pdxnode channel. We'd love to share our favourite gifs with you.

Like this space wizard:

Space Wizard


NodePDX Crew